All of my work has a painterly continuity: each stroke is a color, shape, form and subject all at once.
    There is no meaning, no comparison of the actions of these figures to artistic creation, no message about the beauty to be found in death or in self-loathing. The motivations behind my choice of subject are boring, random and self-indulgent. I paint things that sustain my interest through the course of the painting. My interest is often piqued by scenes which are admittedly ripe with narrative potential, but rather than explain or narrativize those scenes, I choose to paint them. They have all the innocence of a painting of a favorite chair or pet, which is to say an innocence which can perhaps collapse in the face of psychotherapy, but an innocence which has no business being questioned as paint on a canvas.
    I do not paint for self-expression, or to tap into a Romantic beauty or creativity which permeates the world, but to make paintings.